Getting started with OpenERP

It requires quite a bit of patience to get up and running, the following may help you:

  • Read the book "OpenERP: pour une gestion d'entreprise", or its English equivalent.
  • Try any online demos you can find, or demo videos.
  • Plan to have several test servers to start with (production, integration, development, 5.0 or 5.2), perhaps by using virtual machines.
  • Join the mailing lists on and launchpad, listen. Search google alot. Then think before posting :-)
  • Only install the modules you really need, never install all the modules - updates will be alot less painful, and your Tterp server less fragile.
  • Run on linux not windows, log to syslog or a file, but take the habit of reading the logs.
  • Learn how to start Terp in debug mode. The "screen" unix tool can be handy for leaving eTiny or terp running in the background, but still attached to a console.

If you're going to program or be an OpenERP sysadmin:

  • If you don't speak python, buy a book or two and learn how to at least read python code.
  • Check out GettingStartedWithOpenERPDev by rvalyi (who has written an OpenERP magneto bridge)
  • Start with simple modules