V4.2 issues


This is a simple list to track issues that bother me with Terp (the old name for OpenERP). Its been a real up-hill battle for me, I would never accepted such poor quality from a commercial tool, but I'm sticking at it because there are some excellent community members & opensource oriented partners, and Terp does have the potential to be a really good tool.

On the other hand I've not gone into such detail with any other ERP or Accounting tool in the OpenSource areas, so don't the following long list as means that OpenERP is worse than its competitors.

The version used is 4.2 stable from SVN (Jun'08), more recently bzr (Oct'08).
>> Update 30.Nov.08: the current 4.2 sources from bzr together with the Windows client tinyerp-client-setup- are big improvements in many areas on the last merge I did in early Oct.


  1. GUI clunky.
  2. Client 4.2.3: Why is my GUI language german? (Windows regional settings are English swiss german keyboard)
  3. Web eTiny v1.0.1.1 > Administration > users > users > new user: could not change the "Menu Action" and thus could not add a new user.
  4. Web: cannot change sales order addresses, or view confirmed statements.
  5. Try out Glade to see difficult its to improve the GUI?



  1. Accounts confusing (well to me initially) and not approved by any accountants?  We need accountants involved and enthusiastic.
  2. Viewing confirmed statements is tricky  http://www.openerp.com/forum/post21141.html
  3. Print: Relevé des comptes
  4. Print Chart of accounts: http://www.openerp.com/forum/post25845.html#25845
  5. Print statement only show totals, no entries!  http://www.openerp.com/forum/topic6720.html
  6. No Profit/Loss or Balance Sheet:   http://www.openerp.com/forum/topic3798-30.html
    Notes: see module account_reporting in extra_addons. The wizard in module account_balance (comparison between years or others accounts, and lots of options). The c2c_ reporting modules are a major improvement for Trial Balance and journals.
  7. Invoice layout: http://www.openerp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=26244#26244
  8. Need a menu for querying /print account entries
  9. New invoice always gives a customer invoice (its easy to mix us supp/cust invs). Better ion Nov.08
  10. Reconciliation from statement: confusing UI (F1, F2..), Amount off to the right.
  11. Initial start of year balances are a headache
      http://www.openerp.com/forum/post16794.html#16794   Opening balance cookbook
  12. No records/logs of deleted invoices?
  13. Period end procedures: documentation not clear enough.
    To do: test the c2c_fiscal_year_close module, updates in March 09.
  14. Supplier invoicing: how to set the default vat to "0% excl." for detail lines? It always comes up 0% import. In the accounts definition, default taxes=7.6% for a/c 6210 for example.
    I have to change it manually for each detail line.
  15. Customer/Supplier Invoice & statements lists:
    - invoices are not sorted by date
    - entries as not restricted to the current financial year by default.
    - statement lists are not sorted by date, newest on top.
    (Tip: one could create a new menu item easily eough, see the example from Pedro)
  16. Upgrade scripts to Version 5 are not opensource/free.
  17. Cheque printing (very low priority)
  18. Tools to import and export Payments to Ulster bank?



  • Cannot delete statement: server crashes
  • Errors on writing statement entries, must save often, otherwise I get parallel writes.
    Statement confirm errors elusive: logs need to be improved.
  • On duplicating an invoice with many detail lines, and then changing these, some changes seems to get lost.
    >> Save often.

C2c (Swiss) issues

  • TVA report wrong for simplified sales VAT (low priority)
  • Opening entries: do in a period of 2007, so Turnover for example is right?
  • backup scripts
  • TVA for purchases/note de frais?
  • Swiss P&L
  • Bank DTA import (low priority)
  • ch2 demo data broken?


SB modules

  • sb_p2_contact_extended: don't see Phase0 tab in eTiny
  • p0_activate: extend workflow


  1. Defining Workflows in XML files is persistent, changes to the DB (via GUI) are not. So one could cannot, for example, install this workflow on another machine
  2. Print workflow plugin on Windows: what is needed to view WF?
  3. It would have been nice to have an option in the workflow engine to document state changes to the log. It seems difficult to debug modes that extend WF definitions, e.g. adding in a sate into the Sales Order process. 



  1. Reporting, and reporting customisationation is difficult and painful to debug.
  2. RML issue http://www.openerp.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=25673#25673.
  3. Integrating or interfacing to a "real" reporting tool like Pentaho or Jasper is probably the way to go? 


The OpenERP Book (french)

Buy it, its a useful doc indeed, but..

  1. I read the whole thing, but most sections are just too simple, not enough meat/detailed examples. A planned follow-up book may help ..
  2. It refers to trunk code not the stable 4.2, and (for me) vapourware such as the reporting/Outlook/Word/Excel plugins.
  3. You can find download links (but the modules did not work for me), or "Le plugins word/excel/outlook est payant, c'est 500€ pour le moment, quand ils auront remboursé le développement, il sera disponible gratuitement."
  4. Never tell someone to make file permissions of 777
  5. Do not tell people to just install and play with the 300 modules; nothing will work!

- ......


  • Very generic, difficult to understand and debug
  • You cannot just click on a screen, say export all fields, and import it perfect on the same screen on another systems.



  • Security: Seems bad -its an instinctive feeling, but I've been in security for years. Given the complexity, lack of decent doc, lack of systematic bug fixing, release management, review etc, it can only be worrying. The use of default account/passwords, and lack of standard audit trails speak for themselves..
  • Backup/restore fails, with useless message. Backup is binary, how to understand?
  • Stability/fragility. Debugging difficult.
  • OpenERP is a name that refers to two other projects, one on SF; one on http://www.codeplex.com/openerp  http://sourceforge.net/projects/theopenerp  
  • Not proxy aware (module installation)
  • No in-line help, error handling only suitable for developers, not end users.
  • documentation is poor, not enough simple working examples
  • comments in code are almost non existent: unless you're a python+openerp wiz already, making mods requires a steep learning curve
  • no Terp tracing or logging function, e.g. to send messages to syslog automaticaly showing the stack, class, etc..
  • no way to popping up a dialog box containing a text answer to a user?
  • Sourcecode documentation
    The conventions and tips about python docstrings can be found here:
    class Flowable:
        """Abstract base class for things to be drawn.  Key concepts:
        1. It knows its size
        2. It draws in its own coordinate system (this requires the
            base API to provide a translate() function.
  • Limited criticism of tiny.be is tolerated. Fabian has deleted posts from me he did not like! He seems to "tolerate", not encourage the community.
  • Wiki and forums are sporadic and not professionally managed.
  • The conference in June gave lot of hope, and the migration to bazaar. It will be interesting to watch v5 stable when it arrives.
  • Hype: There are definitely not hundreds of installations per day.
      I estimate in the tens the number of production installs, especially with Accounting..



More things to follow up: