Data importing

As Drupal moves more from a website tool to an application framework, its generic data interfaces and handling tools become more important.


Backup and Migrate: is one of the first tools to look at, allowing manual and automated backup/ restore. A good way to transfer a site from one provider.



This page covers module relating to menus / navigation.


Lets start off with 'menu block' a nice simple, but effective module to display menus in a block. For example when nagivating the primary menu via a bar on the top, the block contains siblings if the primary item has a submenu.

Duplicating sites

A quick way to copy new site and hit the ground running is to install the Backup and Migrate module.

  • Backup the master site.
  • Install the new virgin site via the usual install.php. Enable the Backup/Migrate module.
  • Restore from the backup.

Change key parts of the site that must be different

admin tools


I'm not such a fan of the admin module, but admin menu is great.

The devel module is essential for deep digging.

Admin Role is a module to maintain an administrator role which has all available permissions. Configured in the user settings screen. Included in D7 core.

User testing

The masquerade module allows a user with the right permissions to switch users.

D6 issues

This page should be a collection of issues, not covered in the "fixes" page.

The profile module does not allow field defaults to be set


I've many issues that I follow at this stage. Its easiert to track them on d.o (Drupal.org) in "MyIssues". I also find the rss feed useful (rss feed icon on the bottom left of MyIssues), its the only way to being alerted if a new comments have appeared in a thread that interests me.

Project: Building a forum with drupal

The following are some notes from a project to build a multi-lang forum in Autumn 2009.

Key features: 4 languages, bookmarks, lots of views (member lits, posts sorted in different ways), improved navigation, solr search, notify users when thread change, mark comments as solutions.

Difficulties: multi-lang. Mark comments as solutions. Getting a pretty layout.


One should not hack core, but I was not always able to find alternatives..